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The Fun, Friendly Gift and Art Store for Burbank

Are you in search of a unique and thoughtful gift for a close friend or beloved family member? If so, choose us to give your loved ones something exceptional. MindfulNest is a gift, jewelry, and art store in Burbank and Highland Park unlike any other. Please feel free to stop by and share in our love of handmade, unique art and artisan gifts.

Of course, what good is shopping if it isn’t fun? Our careful approach in choosing the right products redefines retail therapy. MindfulNest sells various styles of greeting cards, artwork, and jewelry. Our unique gifts are all made by small businesses, artists, and artisans throughout North America. Many of our artists are local to California, and by working with local creators, we give you one-of-a-kind and limited-edition products you cannot find anywhere else—and all for a great deal. How’s that for contributing to the local economy!

One of a kind gifts
Reusable materials
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Cut Waste, Not Style, by Visiting Highland Park’s Eco-Friendly Gift Store

As a company with a focus on a more mindful approach to shopping, MindfulNest is conscious of how we affect the environment in everything we do. Our artists and small-business suppliers create the products our gift stores sell out of reusable and upcycled materials. Working with local artists also means we’re avoiding the carbon emissions caused by long-distance transportation.

Shopping with us means shopping without guilt. You get the gorgeous gifts you want to give while keeping your neighborhood artists in business and your carbon footprint tiny.

MindfulNest gives you the ultimate shopping experience. Stop by, have fun, and get everything you need in one trip. Visit our Burbank or our Highland Park location today and see what we have in store for you.

Find the perfect gift and enjoy a true retail therapy shopping experience at MindfulNest
  • Women-owned Business
  • Two Convenient Locations
  • Primarily USA made Products
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