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Unique Greeting Cards in Burbank for Any Occasion

At MindfulNest, we know how important it is for you to make the right statement to friends and family members. With our exceptional selection of unique greeting cards in our Burbank and Highland Park shops, we make it easy to express the right sentiment. We carry cards that are ideal for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, Christmas, and more.

We are a local business that specializes in highlighting local artists and featuring unique and creative pieces. When you visit our boutique shop, you will never find generic, mass-produced cards. Instead, you will find handmade or limited edition cards. These may be specialty cards that express a heartfelt message or funny cards that will undoubtedly give the recipient a good chuckle. Our artists are as concerned about the environment as you are, so many greeting cards in our shop are produced with recycled or up-cycled materials.

Mindfulnest - CardsMindfulnest - CardsMindfulnest - CardsMindfulnest - CardsMindfulnest - CardsMindfulnest - Cards
Mindfulnest - CardsMindfulnest - CardsMindfulnest - CardsMindfulnest - CardsMindfulnest - Cards

Brighten Days with Funny Cards from Local Artists in Highland Park

Finding funny cards that express the right message is easier said than done. When you shop at MindfulNest, you can find letterpress cards, specialty cards, and even handmade, one-of-a-kind cards. These are artistic greeting cards that are as individualized as the recipient, and they have hilarious messages and unique meanings that may will suit your loved one’s unique brand of humor.

We know that our customers want to brighten the day of someone special without making a huge impact on the environment. Our woman-owned shop showcases greeting cards and other products that are mostly made in America and even within the local Burbank and Highland Park areas. These may be cards made with recycled materials that leave a minor footprint. Regardless of the type of greeting card that you are looking for, visit one of our two locations to view our incredible selection of cards as well as our unique gift options.

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