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Handmade Jewelry from Burbank Artisans for Any Occasion

Whether you are shopping for accessories for yourself or for someone special, you understandably cannot settle on gifts that are not as individualized as the person who will wear them. Explore a beautiful selection of handmade jewelry in MindfulNest’s Burbank and Highland Park shops. We have a large, diverse range of unique products that have been handcrafted by local artisans: necklaces, earrings, malas, bracelets, and more.

We truly carry jewelry that appeals to everyone, and this includes leather pieces, crystals, astrology jewelry, fine jewelry, and more. While some of our pieces are spiritual, others are meaningful or inspirational in other ways. You should feel absolutely confident about the jewelry that you choose to accessorize with, and you may love the statement that you can make with our mindful products. When you shop at MindfulNest, you can make a statement with pieces that shrink your footprint on the planet.

Mindfulnest - JewelryMindfulnest - JewelryMindfulnest - JewelryMindfulnest - JewelryMindfulnest - JewelryMindfulnest - Jewelry
Mindfulnest - JewelryMindfulnest - JewelryMindfulnest - JewelryMindfulnest - JewelryMindfulnest - JewelryMindfulnest - Jewelry

Impactful, Inspirational Jewelry Made in Highland Park

At MindfulNest in Highland Park or in Burbank, you can easily find the inspirational jewelry that you are looking for. From semi-precious gemstones to ceramic and leather jewelry, we have a truly diverse selection of stunning options for you to choose from. Our pieces may make a statement about your faith, your passions, your personality or something else entirely. The local artisans who produce the handmade pieces in our two shops bring a personal element into each item that they create, and these small and meaningful touches will undoubtedly strike your fancy.

While all of the jewelry in our shops carries special meaning through their style and materials, they also make a statement about your mindful concern for the environment. In addition to being created by skilled local artisans, many pieces are organic or are created using re-purposed materials.

Now is a wonderful time to visit one of our two locations and to explore the inspired pieces that are on display.

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